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voice lessons, singing lessons and theory lessons  

Q. Do I have to train classically and sing opera?


A. Not unless you want to!


While most of our training is in the classical style, we are equally at home teaching classical, musical theatre, jazz and pop.


We firmly believe and know that the technique we are teaching will help improve your singing regardless of the genre. Anything that you love to sing, we love to help you sing!


Q. What will I be learning in a voice lesson?


A. In lessons, you can expect to learn:


- vocal technique

- lyric diction in German, Italian, French and English (when applicable)

- International Phoenetic Alphabet

-  musical and textual interpretation

- character development

- theory & history



We cater to each student on an individual basis and provides a flexible teaching style based on the students needs and abilities.



Q. How long or often should I (or the student) practice?


A. The amount of time spent practicing truly depends on the students level of study and personality. It is always a case of QUALITY over QUANTITY.


Sitting at the piano or singing the same things straight through mindlessly has no benefit. Shorter, more engaged and mindful practices are more beneficial. We will discuss the content and the length of practice in your lesson and please bring any questions you may have!


Here is a great article on effective practice from the Bullet Proof Musician. 


Q. How long until I see results?


A. Everybody progresses at a different rate and so there is no way to answer this question with a specific number. The rate of improvement depends on several factors including: age, dedication and repetition of new techniques etc. As a singer or musician, you will never reach the point of perfection and you will always be able to improve which is why we find teaching so exciting!


Q. Why am I required to pay in advance?


A. When you schedule a lesson with us, we hold that weekly time slot for you. That means we can’t schedule other work during that time. If you don’t show up, we’ve lost that time and can’t get it back. It’s not unheard of to have 5 or 6 lessons scheduled in a day and almost all of them cancelled. Paying in advance ensures that you value our time and make the best effort to show up.


For more on this issue, read this great article by a parent of a student in music lessons. Vicky Barham, Ph. D. on Make-up Lessons from an Economist’s Point of View.


Q. I have an audition coming up/I sing in a choir, can you help me?


A. Yes and yes! 


Both of us have had hundred of auditions and sung in dozens of choirs! For auditions, you may schedule just a few one-off lessons in advance and we can coach you through the repertiore and let you know what to expect in the audition. We can also help you polish your audition package and help you develop character and intention. If you need help writing a bio or a performance resume, we can also help you through that.


Between the two of us, we have sung all four voice types in choirs and are happy to help you learn your part! We are also experienced in sight singing and ear training.


Q. I am feeling under the weather but can still kind of sing - should I come in?


A. NO! Please stay home! This is one instance where we will make an exception to our cancellation policy and likely schedule an online lesson instead.


As we both perform on a fairly regular basis, rely on our voices for our living. If we can't sing, we can't work or teach and therefore do not get paid. We must remain healthy so that we do not need to cancel or reschedule auditions and performances. Please respect our need to remain healthy by staying home if you have a cold or the flu! Thank you!






Our FAQ section is inspired (with permission!) by our friends at Ludwig Voice Studio

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