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Here is where you will find articles and resources that may be mentioned in your lesson or things that will be valuable to do or read no matter at what level you are!

"Free Yourself of Your Harshest Critic, And Plow Ahead" | Carl Richards | June 2017 | as published on


"How Many Mistakes Do Our Audiences (And Other Musicians) Actually Hear?" | Noa Kageyama, PhD | 2017 | as published on

"What is Control?" by Neil Semer | Exerpted from Classical Singer Magazine | January 2012 |


The Bulletproof Musician | This site has plenty of excellent articles from how to practice to conquering stage fright


"It'll be alright on the night: how musicians cope with performance stress" | as published on


"Make-up Lessons from an Economists Point of View" |Vicki Barnham|2001| as published


"Voice Teacher or Coach: What's the difference?" | Jenna Douglas| November 2015 | as published on


"How to Memorize Music 5 Times Faster" | Brian Jenkins | October 2014| as published on



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